Composite (White) Fillings

A composite (or white) restoration is a tooth-colored filling.

These restorations can be used to fix teeth that are worn down, chipped, or have small spaces. Composite restorations are most commonly used to fix teeth with decay. Dental decay occurs when bacteria begin to eat away at the enamel of the tooth. When caught early decay can be treated with a simple filling restoration.

The Process

When you come in for your filling appointment, Dr. Nawrot will first apply a topical gel and local anesthetic. Once you are feeling numb and comfortable he will remove all the decay from your teeth. After that he will apply the composite (plastic resin) material into your tooth. This material is applied in multiple layers, each layer needing to be hardened by a curing light. Once the final layer is applied Dr. Nawrot will shape and polish your tooth until it matches your bite. After this your tooth will appear and function naturally.

There are many benefits of having a composite filling. Composite fillings are easily matched to your natural tooth color so teeth with fillings will still have a natural look. Since the filling material is hardened with a curing light multiple times during the procedure you are able to eat as soon as your appointment is complete. As with any dental procedure we recommend you are very careful and avoid anything too hot or sharp until the anesthetic has worn off.
Composite fillings are less likely to cause hot or cold sensitivity because the composite filling material does not expand and contract like silver amalgam fillings do, although minor sensitivity immediately after your appointment can occur while your tooth acclimates to the composite material. Composite fillings, unlike amalgam, are free of mercury and do not require any natural and non-decaying tooth structure to be removed to keep your filling in place. This means we can remove only the cavity, keeping your tooth with as much natural structure and strength as possible.

Restorations of any kind are not permanent, and may need to be replaced in the future. Regular hygiene appointments will help keep your fillings and teeth healthy, and will allow them to last longer.