What type of toothbrush should I be using?

A toothbrush is your best tool to protect your teeth. You use it twice daily to protect them from plaque and tartar buildup that can be damaging to your teeth. To maximize the effectiveness of your brushing you might ask yourself, “what type of toothbrush should I be using?”.

Bristle Types

There is a wide range of toothbrush bristles available on the market. You can get soft, medium, hard and everything in between. If you are an aggressive brusher who brushes vigorously and with pressure, you’ll want to prevent purchasing a toothbrush with hard bristles. If you are applying too much pressure with hard bristles you can actually damage your teeth and remove important enamel that protects them and experience gum recession. Sevenoaks Dental Group hygienist, Kristen and Karm, can give you some pointers about better ways to brush and what type of brush would benefit you.


When purchasing a toothbrush, take into account the size of the brush and the size of your mouth. If you’re purchasing a toothbrush for a child, the brush should have a smaller head so that it can be easily maneuverable in the mouth. If it is difficult to move the brush around you will miss spacing in your teeth and leave areas unattended. Also, think about the length of the handle, if it is too short you will not be able to reach the back of your molars. The toothbrush should be comfortable to hold and maneuver in your mouth otherwise you can miss cleaning some areas of your mouth.


Simple question, how long have you had your toothbrush? If the answer is more than three months, it is probably time to get a new one. If the bristles are looking frayed and bushy then they have outlasted their usefulness. A flat tire on your car won’t get you far, and neither will an old toothbrush. It is time for you to start the search for your new tooth protector for the next three months.

There are many toothbrush options on the market that you can purchase. The best way to find the most effective for you is to ask Kristen or Karm. They know what would benefit your oral health best. If you haven’t been in for your hygiene visit in a while it might be time to give the office  a visit. Book an appointment with us and we will help keep you smiling!