Your First Dental Care

Expectations For Your First Dental Appointment

Dental exams have been known to cause some people distress and anxiety.  Being aware of this, Seven Oaks Dental wants to ensure that you know exactly what to expect when you walk through our doors for your first dental visit.

Your First Dental Visit Will Likely Include:

  • A full inspection of your mouth and jaw area
  • Your risk of tooth decay or gum disease will be assessed
  • Any necessary tooth restoration or replacement information will be shared with you
  • The way your jaw is aligned will be checked
  • Teeth Whitening and other cosmetic concerns may be addressed
  • Proper brushing techniques will be discussed
  • Fluoride Treatment may be offered as a preventative
  • X-Rays will likely happen to inspect for hidden abnormalities

In addition, a dental hygienist will ask you some questions regarding your general health in order to determine the best treatments.  Medications and Pregnancy may affect the way they treat your mouth so it is important to answer the questions to the best of your ability. Medications may contribute to poor oral health due to dry mouth, decay or even thrush.  Pregnancies have been known to cause gum disease and fluoride treatments can affect a growing fetus.  Certain diseases, such as Arthritis may need to be assessed as well to help you better take care of your teeth and oral health while also managing the adaptations needed for your arthritic joints which may require special toothbrushes or toothpastes for ease of use.

Remember that the dentists and hygienist are there to help, so please be sure to ask about any concerns that you may have during your visit.