Cosmetic Dental Veneers Can Create Your Perfect Smile

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Dental veneers are a great cosmetic dental treatment that can recreate your smile by concealing damage or defects on the fronts and sides of your teeth. They can correct the appearance of stains, chips, breaks and cracks, oddly shaped teeth, permanently discoloured teeth and cover unsightly fillings. They can also make slightly crooked or gapped teeth look straight and beautiful. At Lifetime Dental at Sevenoaks, dental veneers are one of our more popular cosmetic dental services.

What are dental veneers?

Veneers are very thin but strong, custom-made shells that come in just about any shape and size and are made of a very durable material that actually strengthens your teeth. They were originally developed for Hollywood stars and were temporarily placed with adhesive to be worn just during filming. Today, we permanently bond them to the surfaces of your teeth – so you can smile with confidence – on camera and off.

How are they applied?

Dental veneers are attached directly to your existing teeth. We make an impression or replica of the tooth that is being treated and use the impression as a model to custom design the veneer. During your veneering appointment, your teeth are conditioned with a mild solution. A tooth-coloured glue helps adhere the veneer to your natural tooth and is hardened with a high-intensity light. Only a small amount of natural tooth needs to be removed to attach a dental veneer. The end result gives the tooth a healthy, natural look, while masking the parts of your smile you don’t want others to see.

How long do dental veneers last?

Looking after your veneers is quite simple; there aren’t any special pastes or mouthwashes you need to buy. Just brush your teeth regularly and keep up your flossing routine. With proper maintenance and diligent home cleaning, your new veneers will stay bright for years (some patients report they still look great after two decades). As your dentist in Abbotsford, we will help you with any homecare instruction you need to keep your veneers and oral health in their tip top shape.

How do I care for veneers?

As with your natural teeth, avoid nail biting or opening things like bobby pins with your teeth, and make sure to use a nightguard if you grind your teeth at night (we can fit you with one). Although veneers are strong, if you bite on something not meant to go in your mouth or chew on ice, there’s a good chance you’ll end up with damage.

And it’s also wise to avoid (or consume in moderation) beverages, foods, and substances that can cause staining. Veneers, just like natural teeth, can be stained. But we can give them a polish at each of your cleaning appointments to keep them at their shiny best.

So, call our office today because, in the end, even a subtle smile cosmetic enhancement using dental veneers can make an exceptional difference in the way you look and feel!

Yours in continuing dental health,
Dr. Kathem Talebian & Dr. Walter Herrador, your family dentists in Abbotsford

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