Teeth Whitening In Abbotsford

At Lifetime Dental at Sevenoaks in Abbotsford, we’ve seen time and time again the dramatic effects of teeth whitening. Did you know that this treatment ranks as today’s most in-demand cosmetic dentistry service in the world, with experts predicting that its popularity will continue to rise?

What does the teeth whitening process involve?

A service that lightens teeth while simultaneously removing stains, as your dentist in Abbotsford, we know that professional whitening is the best and most effective way to whiten teeth. Thanks to high levels of carbamide peroxide, which is a safe chemical that brightens teeth, at-home and in-office procedures can be done safely, effectively, and quickly.

Are teeth whitening procedures safe?

In a word: Yes! We use only professional agents for teeth whitening in Abbotsford to ensure that your teeth are whitened safely and predictably.

When it comes to products you can purchase at the drugstore, it’s important to know that these have a much lower active ingredient percentage, which means it takes much longer to see results, and results aren’t guaranteed. If you’re considering these products, we encourage you to contact us before using them. As your dentist in Abbotsford, we will ensure that you’re aware of the risk and benefits with all whitening products and procedures, and advise you on which options will best suit your unique needs.

How white can I expect my teeth to look?

Your final whitening result will depend on your existing staining/discolouration, the way your teeth respond to whitening, and many additional factors. Generally speaking, your teeth can be whitened up to eight shades, though just two or three shades of lightening provide a visible difference.

How long results last will be impacted by your eating and drinking habits, and whether or not you regularly consume staining foods and beverages. Touch-up treatments are available for those who find it difficult to avoid these items.

Curious about teeth whitening in Abbotsford? Contact us today and we’d be happy to discuss your unique needs!

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