Inlays & Onlays: Helping You Smile With Confidence!

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·         Increase your smile confidence

·         Restore tooth strength

·         Repair decay with material that resembles your natural tooth

·         Correct minor dental issues, including chips and cracks

·         Minimize sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures.

While the focus of dentists has always been on optimizing oral health, for many years, restorations were about function and not necessarily aesthetics. Today, because of fantastic dentistry advancements and a variety of natural-looking materials, dentists are able to offer beautiful aesthetics while caring for the health of your teeth. And, at Lifetime Dental at Sevenoaks, we know that the result is transformative to both your oral and overall health!

While silver-coloured amalgam fillings are effective and durable, they’re quickly becoming a less-desired material when it comes to repairing a damaged tooth. Why? Many people feel self-conscious about laughing with abandon because of them, and they’re more likely to cover their smile or be more reserved in their social interactions as a result.

If these fillings are a concern for you, what can you do to brighten your smile? Many patients are choosing to replace amalgam options with natural-looking (and tooth-strengthening!) composite materials when they’ve become worn or damaged. Additionally, many are choosing options called “inlays” and “onlays” for their smile.

Made from composite material, both an inlay and an onlay are tooth restorations for premolars and molars weakened by decay. They each are made from one solid, fabricated piece that has the exact shape and size of the tooth after decay has been removed, and are utilized when a restoration is needed for a tooth but the damage is too significant for a filling.

·         Inlay – As listed, but it’s specific to the biting surface between the tooth cusps.

·         Onlay – As listed, but it’s designed to cover one or more tooth cusps.

Each of these options are customized to your unique needs are are made by lab technicians after an impression of your prepared tooth is taken. While your inlay or onlay is being created, our team puts a temporary filling in your tooth to ensure that it’s supported. Once ready, your inlay or onlay will be put in place.

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