How To Regain Your Confidence With Tooth Replacement Options

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·         Replace missing teeth

·         Improve speech clarity and smile confidence

·         Meet your unique smile needs

·         Prevent facial sagging caused by missing teeth

·         Protect remaining teeth from overuse and damage.

Maybe you’d like to speak freely with confidence, flash a smile on a whim, or simply feel complete confidence in knowing your tooth-replacement device will stay in place? Regardless of your rationale for wanting to improve your smile, these options can help.

What are dental implants and how can they benefit me? 

An incredible 69% of North Americans between the ages of 35-44 have had at least one tooth removed. While losing one tooth may not seem to be a sizable issue, it can cause surrounding teeth to rotate and shift, leading to issues with your bite, bring on pain while chewing, and initiate self-confidence problems, as well.

Dental implants provide a reliable option for restoring the function of your natural teeth, and they are also able to secure dentures, eliminating irritation due to rubbing sores. They also eradicate clicking noises heard when you speak, and are a great alternative to crown-&-bridge treatments and dentures.

How are implants placed?

1.    After examining your mouth visually and with x-rays, we’ll discuss your dental history, as well and your smile goals. We’ll work together to decide if an implant is best for you.

2.   If an implant is a viable option for you, we’ll arrange an appoint for our Abbotsford dentist to place the dental implant.

3.  After a predetermined time that will allow the artificial root to stabilize, the implant will begin to reinforce your jawbone and prevent future bone loss.

4.     Once healing has occurred, a replacement tooth crown will be attached to the implant base.

What are dentures and are they right for me?

Partial Dentures – Also known as “removable dentures,” partial dentures are ideal for use in situations where one or more adjacent teeth are missing, or when teeth aren’t healthy enough to support a bridge. This device, which can be comprised of one or more artificial teeth, fits precisely in place and is often secured by clasps onto your natural teeth. These dentures are easily removed for cleaning after meals and at night.

Complete Dentures – Also known as “full” dentures, they’re often used when all of a patient’s natural teeth are missing. They’re easily removed for cleaning since they’re held in place by suction.

Benefits of wearing dentures:

1.   Improved diet – Missing teeth can affect which foods you’re able to eat. Picture chewing nuts without the help of your molars or enjoying a crisp apple without your front teeth. Dentures help you eat your favorite foods again!

2.   Increased nutrition – Having the freedom to eat more with dentures in place means you’re your food selection is more varied, ensuring that you are more likely to consume a range of minerals, nutrients, fiber, vitamins, and more!

3.    Confidence in social settings – Patients who wear dentures experience as significant boost to their smile and social confidence.

4.    Restored facial structure – People who are missing teeth tend to have a face that appears more sunken. The use of dentures restores volume to the cheeks and promotes a more youthful look.

5.    Redistributed impact on teeth – Dentures help remaining natural teeth by distributing the pressure more evenly. This minimizes the chance that they’ll experience damage from overuse.

Which of these tooth replacement options are right for you?

Our goal at Lifetime Dental at Sevenoaks is to help you love your smile! If you have questions about implants and/or dentures, contact us today! We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.