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About Us

Meet Dr. Robert (Bob) Letnick

Dr. Walter Herrador

Dr. (Bob) Robert Letnick

Dr. Robert (Bob) Letnick, general dentist, loves working with people and his hands.


Dr. Bob graduated from McGill University in 1982 with a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree.

Treatment Philosophy

When it comes to how he provides dental care, Dr. Bob is a big believer in doing things right the first time. As a general dentist, he provides a wide array of services, but his favourite aspects of his job include surgery, cosmetic treatments, and smile rejuvenation.


Outside of the office, Dr. Bob enjoys travelling, hiking, cycling, going to the movies, and seeing his grandchildren. He’s also an avid gardener. Just ask about his indoor houseplant jungle in his apartment! During the COVID-19 shutdown, Dr. Bob continued to support his patients by providing emergency dental services. He has three kids – Michelle, a computer science graduate of UBC; Lisa, a realtor; and Christopher, a computer engineer. Dr. Bob grew up in Montreal but has lived in Fraser Valley for more than three decades.

Meet Dr. Kathem Talebien

Dr. Kathem Talebien

Dr. Kathem Talebien

Dr. Kathem Talebian, a general dentist, brings a wealth of knowledge of dentistry to Lifetime Dental at Sevenoaks. With over 40 years’ experience caring for smiles, you can feel at ease when you’re in his chair.

Treatment Philosophy

Dr. Kathem’s main focus is preventive dentistry because he wants to help you avoid dental problems before they start. And if you do have an oral health concern, he will treat it before it turns into something bigger. While he routinely performs simple treatments, such as fillings, he loves the challenge of taking on complex procedures. You can expect gentle and caring dentistry when you see him. 


“Dr. T” is happily married to his wife Sawsan. Together they have four children – Karim, Majid, Shirina, and Razan. Their family includes a dog named Rocky and a cat named Zoro. Dr. T enjoys painting and sports. Before coming to Canada, he lived in Iraq and England. Dr. T’s son, Karim, plans to follow in his footsteps and become a dentist.

Meet Dr. Owais Iqbal

Dr. Iqbal

Dr. Owais Iqbal

Dr. Iqbal

Dr. Owais Iqbal, general dentist, enjoys all facets of dentistry, but he is particularly interested in dental implants and facial injectables treatment.


Before studying dentistry, Dr. Owais completed his undergraduate degree in cell biology and genetics at the University of British Colombia. He achieved his Bachelor of Oral Health in Dental Science and Graduate Diploma in Dentistry from Griffith University, Gold Coast QLD, Australia, in 2016, and completed the National Dental Examination Board Certification process in June 2017. In 2019, he completed the Hiossen Implant Basic Master Program in Burnaby.

Treatment Philosophy

When it comes to recreating smiles, Dr. Owais believes implants are the “standard of care.” He says this restorative treatment greatly “improves the quality of patients’ lives.” In order to help anxious patients relax, he offers conscious sedation. And, he can straighten smiles as a certified Invisalign provider.


When he’s not at the office, Dr. Owais can be found hiking, swimming, or carving his way down the local mountain on his snowboard.

Complications Of Wisdom Teeth Emerge When They Become…

  • Trapped – Sometimes, wisdom teeth become trapped in the jawbone below the gumline. When it happens, aching and pain will occur. You cannot diagnose this yourself as the positioning of the wisdom teeth can only be seen with the aid of x-rays.
  • Sideways – This is when the wisdom tooth wants to erupt, but it’s positioned to grow sideways and push forward against the second molar. Again, great discomfort and pain. This can cause other teeth to give way and shift position, possibly disrupting the alignment of all your teeth, not just the ones at the back of your mouth.
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  • Partially erupted – The tooth’s crown may only partially break through the gum, as it can be held back by the already-in-place second molars. Often, the molar may not put pressure on its neighbors. But it is very difficult to clean and impossible to floss, leaving it susceptible to serious decay and infection further down the road.
  • Misplaced – A wisdom tooth may remain in the bone with misshapen or misplaced roots that can grow dangerously close to a sinus cavity.