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Dr. Nawrot Sevenaoks Dental Group Abbotsford

Dr. Kyle Nawrot

Dr. Kyle Nawrot has been practicing medical dentistry for 16 years. He graduated in 1993 from the University of Alberta with his Bachelor of Science, and then moved to British Columbia and completed his Doctorate in Medical Dentistry (D.M.D) at the University of British Columbia.

In 1997 he graduated from UBC and later that year returned to Alberta to complete a General Practice Residency at the University of Alberta Hospital. There he was mentored by Dental Specialists in various fields. He had the opportunity to learn how to treat medically compromised patients (ex. Patients with cancer, diabetes, various complex blood disorders), as well as how to complete advanced and complicated dental procedures. He also had the opportunity to spend 2 weeks learning to provide General Anesthesia, which has become invaluable for him now in treating patients with Oral Conscious Sedation.

While at UBC Dr. Nawrot fell in love with the beautiful mountain and ocean views, so in 1998 he moved with his family to BC and opened his first practice.

Over the past 16 years Dr. Nawrot has been involved in many dental courses to further his knowledge in dentistry, and keep his practices up-to-date. He has completed root canal therapy continuing education courses for 8 years, as well as completing continuing education courses in TMJ disorders, sleep apnea, and periodontal surgery and tissue grafts. He is also certified to administer Oral Conscious Sedation, Invisalign, and traditional Orthodontic treatment. His goal as a Dentist is to assist his patients in achieving their desired smile, and to give them the tools they need to keep that smile for their lifetime.

When he is not working hard on creating the best possible smile for his patients, Dr. Nawrot enjoys volunteering with the Abbotsford Minor Hockey Association, golfing, playing Angry Birds Star Wars, and spending time with his family.

Lifetime Dental Abbotsford Cyndi


Cyndi has been with Lifetime Dental for 2 years as the Office and Business Manager. She has 24 years of dental experience in Administration, Chairside Assisting and Certified Dental Assistant.

Cyndi enjoys helping people and teaching them about the importance of their dental health. She loves seeing how excited patients get when they first see their smile after a dental appointment. In her spare time Cyndi spends her time with her children, being involved in their band, hockey, art and singing activities. She also enjoys scrapbooking, cross-stitching, reading, and taking quiet walks.

Lifetime Dental Abbotsford Kristen


Kristen has been a Registered Dental Hygienist for over a year. She also has dental experience in Dental Assisting.

Kristen loves to provide dental hygiene techniques and tips for her patients to help them maintain their beautiful smiles. She strives to provide a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for all of her patients. In her spare time Kristen spends time with her family and friends. She also enjoys hiking, jogging and watching movies.

Lifetime Dental Abbotsford Zoey


Zoey has been a Certified Dental Assistant for 25 years and has been with the Lifetime Dental team for over a year.

She has worked as a Certified Dental Assistant, a Dental Administrator, and has volunteered at the Abbotsford Food Bank Dental Clinic. Zoey loves to work with people and educate them on the importance of their dental health. She especially enjoys working with kids. In her spare time Zoey likes to go hiking, walking her dogs, and raising her two teenage boys. She is also passionate about photography and loves finding natural landscapes to take pictures of.

Lifetime Dental Abbotsford Samantha


Samantha has been a Certified Dental Assistant for two years. She joined the Lifetime Dental team this year.

Samantha loves being able to help patients get out of pain, and enjoys being a part of making a difference in their life and with their oral health. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, gardening, singing, and playing guitar.

Lifetime Dental Abbotsford Jamie


Jaime has been a Certified Dental Assistant for 16 years. She has been a part of the Team at Lifetime Dental for 9 years.

She enjoys working in an active job where she is a part of a positive team environment. Jaime appreciates that there is always something new to learn in dentistry, and she loves being able to use that knowledge to help her patients with any dental concern they have. Jaime likes reading, hiking and traveling. So far Jaime has travelled to Europe, South East Asia, and Central America. She also enjoys training for Tough Mudder, an adventure challenge obstacle course.

Lifetime Dental Abbotsford Joanne


Joanne has been with Business Team at Lifetime Dental for almost a year, bringing 25 years of dental experience with her. She has experience as a Certified Dental Assistant and Dental Administrator.

Joanne loves helping people improve their smile, and enjoys the challenge of working with dental benefits. On her days off Joanne likes spending time with her family on the ski hill, golfing, and cooking.

Lifetime Dental Abbotsford Sandy


Sandy has been with Business Team at Lifetime Dental for over a year now. She brings with her over 20 years of dental experience as a Dental Administrator and Certified Dental Assistant.

Sandy is passionate about working in the dental health profession and loves caring for patients and their dental needs. In her spare time Sandy enjoys running, golfing and cooking.

Lifetime Dental Abbotsford Darcey


Darcey joined the Lifetime Dental Business team this year and is looking forward to her career in the dental field.

When you visit our office you will be greeted with Darcey's bright and inviting smile. Darcey loves meeting new people, and enjoys helping them achieve their dental goals. In her spare time she enjos camping, ATVing, and speding time with family and friends.

Lifetime Dental Abbotsford Sarina



Sarina has been a Registered Dental Hygienist for 3 years and is the newest addition to our team at Lifetime Dental.

Sarina enjoys making people feel good about their teeth and finds it rewarding when patients leave their appointment with a big smile on their face. Sarina enjoys spending time with her friends and family and loves watching movies.