Cosmetic Dental Veneers Can Create Your Perfect Smile

Woman with dental veneers holds a granny smith apple

Dental veneers are a great cosmetic dental treatment that can recreate your smile by concealing damage or defects on the fronts and sides of your teeth. They can correct the appearance of stains, chips, breaks and cracks, oddly shaped teeth, permanently discoloured teeth and cover unsightly fillings. They can also make slightly crooked or gapped teeth look straight and beautiful. …

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Veneers From Your Family Dental Practice Can Restore Imperfections

Dental Veneers

A healthy shiny smile goes a long way. But many of us aren’t completely satisfied with how we look when we flash our pearly whites … when they become stained, dull, or damaged. Time and age can take their toll on our smiles. After all, our teeth get plenty of wear every day. With today’s dentistry techniques and technology, our …

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Enhance Your Smile With These Treatments From Your Abbotsford Dentist

Abbotsford Dentist

Once only for the stars in Hollywood, cosmetic dentistry* in Abbotsford  is now an attainable dream for all. At Lifetime Dental At Sevenoaks (formerly known as Sevenoaks Dental Group), we can fix many smile concerns with proven techniques designed to restore the beauty and function of your smile. All of our cosmetic dental treatments start with a smile analysis. It’s …

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