How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help You

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About Cosmetic Dentistry Today


·        Increase your smile confidence

·        Update the length, size, and color of your teeth

·        Rebuild damaged teeth

·        Fill spaces between teeth

·        Eradicate discolorations caused by root canal therapy, medication
use, and more.

Studies show that people smile more when they think of themselves as lucky and are more likely to engage in eye contact, which leads to more social engagements that may increase their number of positive social experiences. The takeaway: Smiling beneficially impacts your life! Whether you’re interested in making yours bright, whiter, or more polished overall, at Lifetime Dental at Sevenoaks in Abbotsford, we can help.

How can cosmetic dentistry update or rejuvenate your smile?

There are a variety of dental treatments and procedures that can update or bolster your smile. Whether your goal is to improve your grin for personal or professional reasons, one or more of these options may help:

·    Teeth whitening. Here’s an interesting truth: People with white teeth are thought to be more attractive than people with less-than-white shades. Even more interesting is the fact that your teeth can have a beneficial or detrimental effect on your career, relationships, and self-confidence. Thinking of brightening your grin? This in-demand treatment can bolster your confidence with quick and impressive results.

·     White fillings. Amalgam (otherwise known as silver fillings) can be replaced with natural-looking versions that match your enamel shade.

·    Dental bonding or veneers. If your teeth are stained, cracked, chipped, or have uneven edges, these treatments can help. They’re also ideal for correcting gaps, adding width to narrow teeth, and balancing your smile without the use of braces.

·     Dental crowns. Ideal for use on a tooth that’s badly damaged and requires additional strength, crowns are also used on top of a dental implant and in root canal therapy.

·      Gum sculpting. A great option for early-stage gum recession and for correcting a gum-heavy smile.

·     Orthodontics or Invisalign®. For concerns related to your teeth alignment and bite, these orthodontic treatments can help.

At Lifetime Dental at Sevenoaks, we offer these treatments and more! We’d love to help you make your smile – and confidence! – shine, so get in touch with us today. We’ll happily answer any questions you may have.