Preventive Dentistry: Let’s Master It Together!

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·         Catch small dental issues early on

·         Prevent or reduce the risk of larger oral health problems developing

·         Treat any gum and/or periodontal disease

·         Maintain or improve your smile confidence

·         Build healthy oral health habits for life!

Teeth are an integral part of everyday life when it comes to smiling, chewing food and speaking clearly, and at Lifetime Dental in Sevenoaks in Abbotsford, we know that they also help create your unique and distinctive face shape.

What many patients don’t realize is, a healthy smile not only affects your appearance and self-confidence, it also impacts your oral and overall health. This makes preventive dentistry – along with diligent, at-home dental hygiene habits – vital.


In order for your oral health to be optimal, dental experts suggest that you see us, your dentist in Abbotsford, on a bi-annual basis and sometimes more often, based on your unique needs. Doing so will help keep your teeth clean, healthy, and esthetically pleasing.


What treatments and procedures are involved with preventive dentistry?

This type of dentistry is focused on intercepting tooth and mouth damage caused by decay, cracks, infection, gum disease, oral cancer, and more.

Here are some of the many types of preventive care:

·         diligent homecare (brushing twice and flossing once daily)

·         consistent bi-annual visits to Lifetime Dental at Sevenoaks where you’ll receive

o    effective professional cleaning

o    fixes to small chips or cracks

o    decay repair

o    oral cancer exams

o    diagnosis & treatment plan for any gum disease symptoms

o    and more!

·         dental care education and tips on…

o    best brushing & flossing practices

o    the importance of utilizing a mouthguard during certain high-impact sports, including basketball, hockey, football, soccer, etc.

o    why you shouldn’t use your teeth as tools

o    and more!

Why preventive dentistry matters:

Countless studies have shown a direct link between oral and overall health, and though it was once thought that the mouth didn’t have an impact on overall health, it’s now clear that this isn’t the case at all. What’s more, we now know that lacking dental health detrimentally impacts myriad health conditions. Here are a few you should be aware of:

·         Alzheimer’s – Mouth bacteria responsible for destroying gum tissue is linked to the development of Alzheimer’s disease since it increases plaques associated with the disease.

·         Diabetes – People with this condition are more likely to experience gum disease, perhaps because they are more vulnerable to infections.

·         Heart Disease – If you have gum disease that’s not being treated, your risk for heart disease jumps by approximately 300%!

·         Chronic Kidney Disease – This condition can present itself alongside diabetes and cardiovascular disease, or appear on its own. Obesity is also linked with chronic kidney disease.

·         Stroke – People with untreated or undiagnosed gum disease are much more likely to experience a stroke. Don’t forget to prioritize your regular examination and cleaning appointments!

·         Respiratory Diseases – Gum disease can increase the inflammation that’s linked with lung diseases (such as COPD and asthma).

·         and more!

As your dentist in Abbotsford, our goal is keep your oral and overall health in top form. And because the mouth is the doorway to overall well-being, we urge you to keep your recare appointments. If you have to cancel an appointment, do your best to reschedule it right away!

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