Teeth Whitening Abbotsford

Teeth Whitening Abbotsford

What Are the Benefits of Teeth Whitening?

Abbotsford specialists from Lifetime Dental can answer all of your questions about whitening when you schedule a consultation appointment before whitening. If you're interested in getting professional results, the best way to achieve your goals is through pro-grade whitening at your dentist. We proudly offer ZOOM! Whitening for exceptional results. Find out more about Zoom! by inquiring during your next checkup or cleaning at Lifetime Dental.

How Long Does ZOOM! Whitening Last?

Patients experience a longer-lasting whitening through ZOOM! Treatments- typically, between 12 and 14 months, a comparatively longer timeframe than other take-home treatments. You'll experience the longest-lasting whitening when you brush and floss twice daily in-between treatments and schedule regular cleanings. Most at-home whiteners provide 4-6 months of results before the need a touch-up or re-application, making ZOOM! an exceptional value in comparison. Speak with our team at Lifetime Dental for a professional recommendation.

Does Teeth Whitening Damage Your Teeth?

When provided under a dentist's care, whitening is considered a very safe procedure. Low concentrations of peroxide combined with additional safe whitening ingredients are your best option when looking for an excellent product to whiten your teeth. Avoid over-the-counter gels and pasts that can strip the enamel off of your teeth and leave them sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. Pro-grade whiteners are the best way to get great results without sensitivity.

Is Professional Teeth Whitening in Abbotsford Worth the Cost?

Our patients at Lifetime Dental tell us they are more than satisfied with the results they experience through ZOOM! Whitening as well as with the cost of treatment. If you're looking for the best overall value for improving the appearance of your teeth, whitening is highly recommended by dentists as one of the most affordable ways to experience a dazzling white smile. Compare the modest costs of whitening with any other cosmetic treatment to see why it's increasing in popularity.

How Often Should I Whiten My Teeth

If you opt for ZOOM! Whitening at Lifetime Dental, you should re-whiten every 12 months for the best possible results. Although whitening with ZOOM! can last as long as 14 months, you'll see more consistent whitening when you avoid waiting until the last possible moment to re-whiten. Schedule a whitening session at Lifetime Dental at least two weeks out to ensure we can accommodate an appointment that fits your schedule. We're open early in the morning, late into the evening, and on Saturdays.

Should I Get My Teeth Whitened Professionally?

It's an individual decision whether or not to whiten, however, if you're considering whitening treatment, it's best to have it performed by a dentist. We recommend whitening for upcoming social events, weddings, school picture day, first dates, and for many other occasions as well. Schedule a thorough dental exam at Lifetime Dental to make sure you're a candidate for the treatment. If you qualify for a whitening session, you'll wake up to a beautiful white smile in as little as a single treatment.

Teeth Whitening Abbotsford
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